Re: Take

What is Re: Take?

The dubbing group Re: Take is a French collective founded by Maxime HOAREAU and Victor NIVERD mixing at the same time professional voice actors and debuting voice actors which are recorded in a real dubbing studio in Paris with optimal conditions.

In short -as they qualify themselves- Re: Take are: voice actors, dubbing, parody ; with a single word covering it all: quality.

Their videos spoofing -for now- Japanese animes are being viewed a million times in a few weeks, being in YouTube tendancies more and more often. And as when I'm writing those lines, the YouTube channel has past the number of 500k followers!

For the English-speaking audience reading this, a lot of the videos are subbed in English so you can view, listen and understand the gist of it.

What do I have to do with it?

It's pretty easy.
Since the end of 2018, I have the opportunity and the chance to be a part of this wonderful adventure that Re: Take is. And all of this is possible because of a meeting with Maxime (one of the creators) on a dubbing set the summer of 2018.

My work is as easy as acting on some videos (every time they call me because they see me fit for the part) since the one about the season 2 of the anime "My Hero Academia" which marks the unofficial date of me joining the crew.
All of my participations are listed on the right of this page.

Oh, and during my free time, I also coded a software generating the voices list and characters you can see at the end of the videos but that's not the most relevant right now. Maybe someday I'll talk about it.

Documentary about how a video is created