Oct. 21, 2020 by Benoît Fort-Junca

English version now available!

With the idea in mind of opening new horizons to an potential non French-speaking audience composed of friends and, I guess, curious people (never underestimate the power of social networks and meetings at international festivals such as the Annecy Festival), make the website available in a common language spoken by a lot has become quite an evidence.

The current health situation being what it is, letting the free rein to free time, I set myself to work these past few days to make it happen.

And I can finally announce that my website is now also available in English version as you can see now!

To access it... Well, I guess that if you're reading this article it is because you either clicked on the link to switch languages or that you were redirected directly to the right language.

If you ever wanted to switch back to French for whatever reason: simply click on the flag on the top right of the main menu.

I am aware that this functionality is not necessarily the most useful and relevant for most people but it is, for me at least. Furthermore, if it was too much invested time for little payback I wouldn't have done it. ;)

Have a nice trip!