Oct. 3, 2018 by Benoît Fort-Junca

[Voice acting] Demo 2018

After a long wait and retrieval of extract through the internets and brodcasts through different networks, I present to you with great pleasure my newest voice acting demo (in French sadly because, and that's the point, I'm still French as far as I know) for this glorious year 2018!

And it's the perfect occasion to thank every artistic director who, throughout the year, gave me a chance since the last version the past year (with different results). And that list includes :

  • Catherine Le Lann
  • Isabelle Brannens
  • Anneliese Fromont
  • Thierry Ragueneau
  • Mélanie Anne
  • Bruno Dubernat
  • and Grégory Laisné

A big big thanks to you all for your trust!

Note : You can also find the video linked above on the page dedicated to my different demos with the one I talked early on. And if you have time, all the different extracts presented here are available full length on this very page.