Sept. 22, 2018 by Benoît Fort-Junca

We take the same, but it's brand new!

Well no, to be perfectly clear, I do not talk about me specifically in the article's title but rather talk about the website you're currently browsing. :)

Last time we stayed stuck on the one and only piece of news that I've posted on launch of the newer new and more complete version of my website.

And even if I updated the different informations and new experiences I had the chance to participate in, I never really took the time to fill in the blanks in the news section.

The reason to that is pretty simple : the site was complete and functional but extremely heavy to use. Adding new pictures and other documents (like the ones in these entries like this one) were unnecessarily heavy.
Only the informations and experiences (dubbing for most part) were updated because it was more convenient (well...more or less).

And so, after a long period of intense procrastination, reflexion and 3 good weeks of intensive coding later, I have the honor of announcing right here to you that the new newest version of my website targeting professional is now online!

There is a lot of things to upgrade and bugs to fix but from now on it will be much much simpler to do. :)

So what's changing? For you, not much. In fact, everything that was here precedently is still here, the mekover only changed on some points but no drama : you won't be lost...unless you discover it for the first time. ;)
It's basically for me and for all the reasons given above that changes the game but I won't go technical and stuff. Too boring.

Oh and so, to new start, new news that I will detail in another entry but the previous news being not new anymore (pun not intended) it is normal not to find it.

Until then, I wish you a pleasant visit through these pages!

Benoît Fort-Junca